T-Sports Skill clinics  

(Ages 6-13)

Tuesdays and Sundays

Time: 4:00 PM -- 5:30 PM

Tuesdays: Flanagan East (Woodland Ave.) San Carlos

Sundays: Madsen West (Cedar St.) San Carlos

Skill Clinics are great for players who wish to brush up on fundamentals during the off season. During the session players will develop their offensive, defensive and game time skills.  We understand many players move on to play basketball, soccer and other sports this time of year but still want to keep their baseball IQ in tact. The short clinic is a fun and exciting way for players to refresh their memories on any tips and tricks they received during the Summer Camp Season.

Skill Clinics a good fit for players new to the game looking to establish the basics, but also advanced players trying to take their game to the next level. Coaches teach with enthusiasm and passion and new and exciting aspects of the game are covered each session with an emphasis on teamwork. 

Working together towards a common goal is a constant theme not only during Skill Sessions but is found in any T-Sports environment. We believe that in order for a player to excel individually, that player must first excel as a member of the team!

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