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Summer Camp

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T-SPORTS is dedicated to youth sports specifying in development through summer camps, clinics, and private lesson. Camps are held at locations throughout the SF Bay Area. 

T-SPORTS specializes in Baseball and Softball camps. College and High School athletes from the Bay Area direct each camp.

A day at camp is filled with education and excitement. What separates T-Sports from other programs is the belief that baseball and softball should always be fun. This is not an age specific belief; this is for every age and every player. Our instructors understand that when players are not having fun they are not as willing to learn. Therefore the first priority every day is to have fun, which is then correlated to learning about the game. 

The beginning of the week is crucial, and is meant to teach the building blocks of the game. This includes the 7 building blocks of camp which are; defense, hitting, base-running, game rules, team building, mental strength, and confidence. 

Worried your player is already passed the 7 building blocks? Don't worry, players are separated first by skill then by age. That way if your 5 year old is ready for spring training with the Giants, we wont hold him or her back. 

As camp goes on, the fun and learning levels begin to rise. Players start to learn new advanced aspects of the game not by themselves, but with new and pre-existing friends.The importance of TEAM is stressed at a high level. 

By the end of the 5 day camp players are equipped to compete in game situations, deal with adversity, and work as a small part of a larger team. 


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Private Lessons


The What: A T-SPORTS 1 on 1 lesson can consist of a combination of both offense and defense. They are 45 minutes long and include instruction, video analysis, and comprehensive reviews throughout

The Why: 1 on 1 coaching is an incredible way to build player confidence and a great way to learn at a quick pace. What is covered by a coach over an entire season could be achieved in a 1 to 1 environment within a few sessions.


The Specifics: 1 on 1 sessions typically combine both field work and batting cage work. This can also depend on what we need to work on the most. Tea work & video analysis will be a focus in every hitting session, along with unique drills fit to each player. Please let us know what the focus for your lessons should be and we will custom tailor the format.

T-SPORTS Coaches have been coaching and playing Baseball and Softball for over 20 years and are extremely passionate about player development. Enthusiasm will play a key role in player attentiveness and learning throughout each lesson.

The Where: Lessons are typically held at the Burton Park batting cages in the morning starting at 9:30 AM. Lessons can also be done at different fields that are more convenient to you or if you have a batting cage of your own. Lesson pricing is negotiable simply because we do not want money to get in the way of a player and their off season development.


Don't take our word for it, this is what Parents are saying.

Don't take our word for it, this is what Parents are saying.

“What makes Zack an exceptional coach is his ability to balance sharing constructive feedback while inspiring a child to do better at the same time. The basis for this is his pure joy of the sport along with the gift of being able to connect well with children. There are many coaches out there that are technically strong and then there are ones that are great at teaching but lack the technical expertise that only someone who knows the sport can share. Zack has the perfect combination of both, which makes him worth every penny we spend teaching our child. My son walks away feeling good about himself, improving each time he sees Zack and most importantly he is excited and looks forward to his next session with Zack!”

“Our 8 year old loves his lessons with Zack. Zack keeps it fun, while building a solid base of technical skills. I wish I had a coach like Zack when I was a little leaguer.”

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